Sunday, January 6, 2013

Last days in Kampala

 Second largest mosque in Africa (Morocco has the largest) built by Libya's favorite former dictator M. Kadafi

 The last two white rhinos in Uganda; they're part of a captive breading program at the Entebbe wildlife refuge. 
The crown I've always wanted

Mwanza to Kampala

 Ferry across Lake Victoria
 Nearly every bus I've been on has had a chicken or two.  This kid was bringing dinner to church.
One of Kampala's many taxi parks
 Fish market
 Country girls don't usually have their hair done until the late teens. 
I want one!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


 Zanzibar is awesome; it's were Africans eat Indian food and drive Italian scooters.  Great history.  People look different from mainland Tanzanians; some have referred to people here as black Arabs.
 The Old Fort
 A priest that hooked me up w/ a room @ a local price.

 The door is a big deal in Zanzibar; The animals depicted in the theme often represent whether the builder/resident is Indian, African, or Arab.  Eagle, Lion, etc

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So the locals think we're terrorists....

 Arrested in Kenya; no fucking joke!! U're going to love this. Arrested on terrorism charges yesterday -w/ my Spanish traveling companion- for taking pictures at a hotel where the Kenyan president was staying. No joke! We didn't know anything special was happening at the hotel, but... Three guys man handled each of us after we came out of a nearby grocery store then dragged kicking to a police station depot then put in cuffs and taken to our hotel to have our bags and room searched, later to the regional HQ, fingerprinted, & asked for money. Wild story; all true. I'll post some of the photos later.. The anti-terrorism unit that arrested us is funded by the US government. Our phones have been hacked too; when they were returned they indicated they were in UAE. Probably searched over the web from a computer in UAE. Anyway. I'll post some photos later. Everything is cool though; just mistaken identity. Maybe I should shave the jeehad like beard. Heading to Tanzania tomorrow. F-ing Kenya!
Nothing but stink bombs found in our very dirty clothes bags
 Look at that guilty ugly terrorist face.
 Hotel security roughed him up pretty good; he arrived without shoes & a big hole in his shirt.

The Road To Mombasa & Diani Beach

 Spanish Coach.  Not a good photo, but U get the picture.  Buses are tricked-out in Kenya

Out hotel; 11$ a night each.  pimp'n!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last 12 hours of the Northern Desert

Northern Desert of Kenya

The people on this truck live in the northern desert; the long strands of wood on the side are for creating their homes and the yellow jugs are for water.
 These kids have never seen their photos before... well until this day. 
The kid at the bottom of the frame is illegally migrating from Ethiopia to -hopefully- South Africa.  He has been acting as part of the truck's crew the entire trip.  In the photo the driver is showing the police a broken strut.

The lorry driving us stopped in this village to buy diesel stolen from road construction project that will connect Ethiopia and central Kenya.  No love for Chinese people here

 The goats live here